United Kitchens Of India- Jubilee Hills 

A random ride through Jubilee Hills and this places makes us realize we passed by this so many times and decided to halt out ride at united kitchens of India and get in for a quick dinner. So we were at this place around 7:30 we opted to sit on the first floor it was just us there. The ambience is lovely from the entrance with the curved walkway till the seating inside. So the menu comes it felt like I was back in college and had to go through a huge textbook nonetheless this was way interesting to read.

So you have all the flavors of different parts of the country. Took a while to decide given so many options we choose to go with Tala gosht from Telangana cuisine and kalmi kebab from Punjab I guess I’m not sure. The Tala gosht was amazingly succulent meat with flavor that just burst in your mouth the kalmi kebab was good for drinks we ordered Blood orange which was beetroot and orange juice with loads of black salt and fizz the amount of black salt was a little too much for me so not a fan and Ms jito beer based cocktail was decent.

For mains we wanted to try bengali food so we ordered the famous kosha mangsho stir fried lamb in yogurt along with luchi that is puri for non bengali people and a laccha paratha ya i know we ordered way too much for just two people we were expecting the luchi portion to be two or three we got 6 pieces of luchi in this huge wooden plate along with the kosha mangsho being a non bengali this literally made me fall in love with it. The meat was cooked to perfection the luchi was deep fried but not oily to my surprise and with great difficulty we finish the whole luchi platter and lacha paratha which again was made to melt in mouth and went amazingly well with the kosha mangsho. The bill was on the table in a pencil box along with pan and some candy quite quirky.

Amazing dinner heavy stomach and happy faces. So am I going back to United kitchens of India? Oh yes!

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