Truffles Bar & Cafe, Jubilee Hills

Passed by this cafe many times, so finally decided to give this a try.

My first visit to Truffles – the place is so easy to find on the main road, don’t think anyone could miss seeing this. We went there around 3 the weather in hyderabad is so erratic the other day nice and pleasant today crazy humid. Anyways coming back to my review. Since it was so humid outside we choose to sit inside the place looks quite fancy to the eye. It was a mixture of quirky and classy the wall paintings quirky the furniture classy. They had happy hours going on my friend was pretty happy seeing that. We didn’t have lunch so this was like late lunch for us we didn’t go for starters jumped to the mains directly. Ordered a farfelle alfredo pasta that’s bow tie pasta with mushrooms sun dried tomatoes in white sauce and a chicken and asparagus risotto. Had told the guy taking the order to get them one after the other in spite of saying got them at the same time. Apart from goofing up on this the service was good.

The Risotto was okay since they didn’t cook the asparagus well. All the asparagus was left in the plate that was the only disappointment with Risotto other then that the rice texture was good and creamy like it’s supposed be had they drizzled a lil olive oil on the dish would have tasted amazing.

The pasta was amazing white sauce(thumbs up)  mushrooms well cooked. Sun dried tomatoes I don’t like the taste of dried tomatoes people who like them would love this. The quantity of both the dishes was big sized meals in spite of not having lunch we couldn’t finish them. So yeah another thumbs up for that. Couldn’t go for dessert no place left after the pasta and risotto. Will go back and try the other things on the menu soon and would update. So overall a good place I think this would be an ideal place for a date night, good service good Italian food (they say Italian food is the most romantic of all food should try on valentine’s haha) . So Truffles bar & café would go back soon!

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Truffles Bar & Cafe

Truffles Bar & Cafe







Value for Money



  • Great Ambience
  • Good Bar Prices


  • Asparagus Risotto

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