TGIF – Banjara Hills

After watching Batman vs Superman went here to seeing the place half empty though TGIF has never actually been a first preference for me cause of multiple bad experiences but still went ahead cause we really needed a good drink and I’m optimistic when it. Comes to food. The crowd started coming after a while. To my surprise this was the first time I was happy with my food at TGIF. The drinks I never complained.

So ordered a Big Mexican Burger the brioche bun was fresh and tasted good the meat patty was done medium well served with a side of fries. After this had Miami Cubano Chicken stack the paella rice served along with it is not something worth mentioning the chicken was good though the menu says stacked with mozzarella the cheese was drizzled on top not stacked in the chicken but I liked the taste. If they could add more mushrooms in the rice and add the lemon cream sauce generously this could actually be a hit with the crowd. The drinks were good ordered a Barbados Rum punch and miller’s. The service here has improved alot since my last visit was quite impressed with the quick service. The forum mall outlet should really take tips from guys here when it comes to quick service. The ambience is good as always

Overall good experience finally a thumbs up for TGIF.

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