Telangana Pan Indian Sweet Festival

A first-of-its-kind International Sweet Festival organised alongside Telangana International Kite Festival had turned parade grounds into a major crowd puller for the weekend. The event organised by the Telangana Tourism department had more than 1,000 varieties of homemade sweets of different regions of the country and some international sweets.

Went there around 3 in the afternoon was surprised to see the huge crowd and a lot of sweets were already sold out. Sweets such as Laddu, Rabri, Kalakand, Gulab jamun, Rasgulla and various other sweets were sold in dozens of varieties each, with participants wearing ethnic/regional attire who were from various different States settled in Hyderabad came together at sweet-wise sections, as stalls were not set up by country or State but by the sweet offered.

Apart from the Indian sweets there were international delicacies set up in a different side of the ground in German tents with sweets such as the Baklava from Afghanistan, Turkish Rice Pudding and the French treat Madeleine which were sold out in a very short span of time.

Although a larger space at the parade ground was for kite flying, which by the way were beautiful to look at surprisingly the sweet festival ended up pulling a lot of crowd. The covered space for the sweet stalls was choc-a-bloc even on the second day which I visited.

A lot of residents associations, mostly representing those from Bengali, Punjabi, Kerala, Assam, Karnataka, Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra and Odisha have put the stalls while there are a host of sweet delicacies of Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, South Korea, France, Thailand and Japan, many of which were served hot with the help of portable gas stoves. Also some of the people were kind enough to help with explaining how different they make the sweet dish from the shop/commercial vendors a little on the pricey side. But was worth considering you don’t get to taste homemade sweet of so many various states and no commercial vendors were present at the event.

As said by the Telangana tourism and culture secretary B Venkatesan said, “The sweet festival is being organised to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Hyderabad in a sweet way.” and it surely did prove that.


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