Pizza & Cold Coffe @Kavanah, Jubilee Hills

Almost sunset, done with office, got a craving for something sweet so with the help of Zomato again, we went to Kavanah, 5 mins from where we were. Pretty easy to locate located opposite UCO bank. The moment we get there we see this huge tree that has its trunk coloured in rainbow shades.

After we went inside, on the right there’s some work going on and to the left  you see the patisserie. We don’t have  sheesha so didn’t go to that section where they serve sheesha We sat outside which had a big tree and it kind-of gave you the feeling you’re surrounded by greenery. So went through the menu. Craving for sweet got replaced by craving for pizza. Wanted to try piri piri pizza the person who took the order informed us that it’s just chicken and cheese with piri piri sauce no veggies. So we went for the lamb bolognese pizza. The menu said it’s minced lamb with basil and for the drinks we had a cold coffee and a  butterscotch flavored drink I don’t exactly remember the name. So we get the drinks first, cold coffee, meh not ordering that again, the butterscotch flavored drink was really good. And we get the pizza, authentic Italian pizza with the right amount of lamb mince and LOADS of cheese. One pizza for two people we had trouble finishing it. My friend absolutely loved the pizza. I was a lil let down cause I didn’t see the basil anywhere in the pizza. But nevertheless the pizza gets 9/10 for taste. My friend wanted to have something sweet after pizza. We saw the rainbow cake on another table looked cute we ordered one for us. The presentation 10/10, taste was a let down cause I could just taste cardamom flavor. Or maybe I was just comparing the rainbow cake I had previously at other places with these. I was expected this to top the list seeing the presentation but I don’t know why it didn’t really click. So done, asked for the bill and cute lil blue bucket with bill comes on the table.

While going out I wanted to click pictures stepped inside the pattisery and we had two people one after the other asking what do we want to try or buy I mean we just had a humongous pizza 2 drinks and slice of rainbow cake. And still the way they were following us around got me irked so went ahead tried 2 pieces of the plum-rum balls sorry don’t remember the name. But I’m glad we tried it. Overall a good experience could have been great if I dint step into the patisserie I guess. 

Service 8/10. That’s for the following around and making us uncomfortable.

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