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I actually found about this place when a friend was tagged on Fb, located right below Stone Waters opp KBR Park easy to locate. Went there on a weekend around 8 the place had very few people by then. Place looks quite uber, promptly seated we choose to sit inside since we weren’t having any hookah. Guess they share their menu with stone waters. The staff was quite polite and attentive so ordered wings to fly with Hot n tangy sauce there was an option of ½ a dozen and a dozen as far as I know ½ a dozen is 6 wings and what did we get 4 pieces of wings dipped in batter there was hardly any chicken It was just batter with too much of spring onion and sauce i really couldn’t understand for what or why was this a recommended dish. For Mains we ordered Lamb stew with herb rice since we wanted something with rice though we had no expectations after the disastrous wings. The lamb stew was actually pleasing to the tummy though the quantity was less the taste was bang on the lamb was soft succulent the sauce was just about right the herb rice was mild served with veggies so in layman’s terms this is comfort food.

Overall a mixed feeling for this place. Wings major thumbs down Lamb stew double thumbs up. Maybe I’d give it another try I’m an optimist foodie after all ☺

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#Lol Bar & Grill

#Lol Bar & Grill







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