Karachi Cafe Gachibowli 

Karachi café a franchise of the very famous Karachi bakery chain. Was invited for a tasting session last week. The first thing that you get in your mind when you’re at Karachi café is the old school decor with posters and a radio and old TV set made me feel like I’m in a 70’s movie the ambience kind of calms you gets you in a relaxed mood.

Coming to the food the first that was served the chicken club sandwich along with potato wedges super yum, then comes the paneer roll which had a strong pickle flavor decent Next was puri with sweet Chana dal curry my friend tells me this is an authentic dish made in all almost Muslim household also the baida roti was something which surprised me since usually they are really heavy this was light and crisp and well made and the stuffing inside was flavorful. They also served Alfredo pasta which was nice and creamy, then comes the dish which is gonna make me go back there the chicken kabiraji chicken cutlet wrapped in a fluffy omelet the flavors used was pretty basic but taste lingers on your mind for a really long time the haleem was a little disappointing for me more wheat less meat it should have been the other way around along with it was Sulaiman Chai which was a bit sweet for others but I personally liked it a lot.

Now comes my favorite the desserts they literally blew my mind the Japanese pastry looked more of like a macaron but the stuffing between the biscuit oh so yum and raspberry roll melts in your mouth Victoria. Cake slice too good to just explained in words and now comes the best one fruit custard and coming from a Christian family wherein I literally grew up with the most authentic fruit custard it’s really hard to impress me and Karachi café just did that and it’s not just impressive it was outstanding and last thing served shikanji soda way too refreshing this was the perfect end to the evening.

Would I visit them again? Hell yes and why

  • Good Ambiance – Check
  • Amazing service – Check
  • Awesome food – Double check

What else does a foodie need,  totally recommend this place

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