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Hi, I’m Sylvia, bachelors in psychology, PS:  which helps in understanding people better;). I love studying people, be it about their looks their wardrobes or their relationships, anything and everything about them, and apparently have excellent advising skills so thought why not write it down and share it with everyone. I have been doing it for some time now and loving every minute of it, I hope the readers find the articles helpful and would love to get your feedback. I hope to come across many wonderful people through my blog.

Professionally I have worked for companies like Google and Cognizant in Hyderabad.

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Email: sylvia@consultdaisy.com

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Apart from being my personal blog, the whole concept of Consult Daisy is to reach out to people and help them with tips and advice concerning food, health, beauty, fashion, and relationships. You are invited to follow this site, share your own stories, ask questions, connect with other members, offer your opinions and find all the information you need !!!!!